Switch Bot

Switch Bot is an app controlled device that mechanically turns any rocker switch and button on/off. These are small box shapes with a plastic build with a decent look. It can be called as the world’s smallest remote robot.

This can work with a variety of switches you will push, pull, push and hold, pull and hold. You can use it in different ways, like, to automate light switches, coffee machines, appliances, computers, electronics etc.

This is compatible with Android and Iphone. You just have to install the app and you are ready-to-use it.

People will definitely love this as:

Your old appliances will become smarter

You can voice control with Alexa

It can be installed on most buttons and switches

It has multiple lights and can be used as a night light

Wake up and get a fresh coffee

Turn on your AC before you reach home

Hectic day in office, turn on hot water and prepare yourself in advance

Switch Bot is a great start of a positive idea which will help you to make your life more easier and fun too.

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