Smart Pet Feeder

Are you a pet lover? The most important thing for you is to feed your pet properly in spite of working long hours in your office.

The technology has advanced in every possible way then why not something for the pets and the pet’s lovers.

So there is a smart solution to the problems of pet lovers and it’s named as ‘The smart pet feeder’. This new pet feeder solves your problem and lets you manage the schedule time as to when and the perfect quantity you want to feed your pet with.

With an app on your smart phones (Android / I phone) you can easily manage feeding food and water to your pet from your work place. It has been designed so you just set the quantity of feed with the time of feeding. This pet feeder (as it is I phone / Android app compatible) so you can track the feedings easily.

Through the app and the camera you can keep an eye if your pet is eating the meals properly. You can view and record the scheduled feedings too.

The smart pet feeder has customizable meal portions and the feeding time, is compatible with dry and semi-moist food without jamming the belt, is easy-to-clean the parts and is dishwasher-safe. It can contain 6 liters of dry food.


APP remote operation APP remote operation
Remote manual feeding Remote manual feeding
Mega pixel camera Mega pixel camera
Detachable food tank Detachable food tank
Transparent top lock design Transparent top lock design
Secure login for the user Secure login for the user
Remote video monitoring Remote video monitoring
Accurate feeding records Accurate feeding records

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