RFID Development

There are many businesses where huge inventory is needed to be managed on daily basis. This inventory is recorded with exact numbers, which is a hectic process, especially if manual record-keeping is preferred. Also, the chances of manual errors are more, which ultimately lead to losses. However, with the advancement of technology, inventory management has become easy. RFID- a hardware device is used for inventory management and determines an exact number of the products in the inventory.

RFID means Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that uses radio waves for reading and capturing the information on a tag. This tag is attached to the product. RFID is programmed using C language or Python language. It can read the information on the products from up to several feet away.

The inventory where RFID is used, has a tag with EPC code assigned to each product. The products can include flowers, vegetables, food items, manufacturing devices, etc. RFID scans or reads the tag on the products and adds this data to the Admin Panel, where inventory records are kept. When the products are added to inventory or removed from the inventory for selling purposes, etc., everything gets recorded in the Admin Panel through RFID. There is no need for manual counting. When the inventory reduces below a defined number then RFID device shows an alert mark. All such activities in the inventory are automated and recorded correctly.

Advantages of RFID Device:

Keeping an exact information of the inventory is possible
Cost of manual labor is reduced
Alert messages and alarms are automatically sent
It is applicable to various types of products such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, packed food items and drinks, manufacturing products, etc.

RFID reader is an awesome technology for inventory management. Any shop, warehouse, supermarket, mall or a manufacturing company can use this technology for ensuring an error-free record of the inventory.

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