Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a processor or a mini-computer and it has a wide range of applications. It is used for learning basic programming languages in schools and by hobbyists. It is also used by hackers for different projects. We develop many intelligent projects using Raspberry Pi for our clients across the globe.

Projects Developed by Us:

Our team of developers has a good experience and they have developed a few projects using Raspberry Pi. Let us look at these projects and their uses.

Inventory Management Using RFID and Raspberry Pi

This project uses Raspberry Pi and RFID. The products like fruits, flowers, vegetables, electronic devices, packed food items, manufacturing products, utensils, etc. are stored in a go-down or warehouse or storage house. This inventory needs record-keeping on a daily basis, which is done by the Inventory Management System developed by us. It helps in keeping an exact record of the stock, reduces the cost of manual labor, sends alarms and alert messages if the stock reduces under a certain limit and also helps in the security of the products.

Temperature Assistance System

Temperature monitoring and assistance systems are very much useful for personal, commercial and industrial use. You can measure various temperatures and maintain the quality of the products as required. An aquarium at home, alarm systems where temperature control is required, security systems, etc. are examples where this system is used.

Attendance System

A smart attendance management system is developed with Raspberry Pi and RFID. The employees are provided with the cards which have a tag on it. While entering or leaving the office, the employees swipe this card and this is recorded by the RFID system. Thus, automatic collection of attendance is possible.

Smart Home - an IOT(Internet of Things) application

Smart Homes or Home automation has been popular for a few years. In this system, the lighting, climate, security systems, entertainment systems and electric appliances, etc. in the homes, hotels and such living places are automatically operated. They are build using Raspberry Pi.

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Other Projects Using Raspberry Pi:

A Raspberry Pi is used in a wide variety of applications. Amazing projects have been developed already and many are still under research. Our team of developers also has expertise in this technology and have been working on many projects.

A Web Server

Using a Raspberry Pi, a lightweight web server can be launched. Full website can be hoisted with this server. It can handle a small traffic. Even a WordPress blog can be operated on this.

A Cloud Server

A Raspberry Pi is very useful. It can help you have your own cloud server for storing data. You can have your private server for data storage and access.

Google Assistance on Raspberry Pi

One can install Google assistance on development board of Raspberry Pi for any kind of application if required. It is programmed using Python language.

Robotics and Robot Controller

College events that develop robots can use Raspberry Pi for various types of robots and similar projects. Other robotic controllers like drones, control robotic arms, humanoid robots, etc. are also developed using this. We can develop such robots for you, as per your requirement.

Ultrasonic distance meter using Raspberry Pi 2

An ultrasonic distance meter is developed with the use of an ultrasonic ranging module and Raspberry Pi. It can be as accurate as ±3mm with a cycle period of 50ms. Ultrasonic distance meter is useful for robotic sensing, detection of foreign bodies, liquid level control and similar applications.

Time-Lapse Photography

Along with a Raspberry Pi, a simple time-lapse photography device and a Pi camera are used for a time-lapse photography project. The film frames are captured at a lower rate as compared to the speed of usual camera speeds. Usually, the camera is fixed at a place for capturing beautiful moments like a sunset or sunrise, the growth of crops, blooming of a flower, a bird around its nest. For such type of photography, the camera is fixed at a point for few hours or even several days.

GPS on Raspberry Pi

For tracking of some targets, people or things, for navigation to a particular location, for surveying and many such important applications, a GPS system can be built using the Raspberry Pi processor.

Surveillance Camera

Importance of security has increased a lot with time. It is a big concern for all. Surveillance cameras are playing a vital role in this case. With the use of a Raspberry Pi surveillance camera, security can be maintained by capturing signals and images at places where guards cannot be present all the time.

Smart Lock System

This is a security system through which, you can keep a watch on the visitors when your main office door is locked from inside. You can view the visitor’s photo on your cell phone and get all the related notifications on phone or mail as desired by you. The door opens only when you approve the visitor. You may also talk to the visitor.

Face Recognition Using Raspberry Pi

The Face recognition project requires A Raspberry Pi B+ and Pi camera. Many other components like relays, pushbuttons, etc. are also required in this project. The camera shots the pictures of faces or people and stores this in the database. Their face will be recognized the next time they visit the same place.

Voting machine

With the use of Raspberry Pi, a good quality voting machine can be built. During elections, a lot of voting machines are required for registering votes. So, developing voting machines can be a lucrative project, especially during elections.

A Desktop PC

With Raspberry Pi, a low-function, low-cost Desktop PC can be developed. The functions are limited and it can be used at companies where clerical works are more. For developing such a project, extra components like a keyboard, a mouse, a screen, etc. are required.

A weather station

A Raspberry Pi development board and a Pi Sense Hat are used for developing a weather station. You can collect the data of weather conditions in your area and update to people as required. The weather data is stored on your PC.

So, we can develop many technical projects for you using a Raspberry Pi. Contact us today for any such requirement. We are happy to serve you.

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