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With over $25 million in revenues, mobile gaming market has become the most important digital platform for both game makers and publishers. It is one of the most popular mobile app categories.

Mobile game development has become a lucrative buzz in the web market. With the recorded revenue of over USD $90 billion till the beginning of 2020, game development has set an indestructible foot in the market. The records show that amongst the overall game development rate, 58% game development was focused on the PC and Mac game development and 38% of game development was centered on mobile game development. Regardless of the numbers, mobile game development services are on the hike in the business, for sure. Any mobile game development company would consider themselves a lucrative part of the mobile app market due to the hiking range of mobile game development all over the globe.

One of those companies in the web market, we, App499 is a mobile game development company, situated in Houston. We are indulged in affordable, efficient and trendy mobile game development. The services we offer are built on the foundation of customer’s requirements and the games we develop are built on the customer’s ideas. We only utilize our sources of technology, our team’s intelligence and utmost of the creativity to develop mobile games. We have a team of game developers who are not just well educated but also are well-practiced in their own work. Our years of experience make us deserving to develop the mobile games that stand out in the market that is flooded with every day new entrants. Our mobile game development services are creative, intellectual, and will be certainly proved lucrative for you as well.

We offer a vague range of mobile game development services, and our team is experienced enough to develop the mobile game on any mobile platform, in any required genre. No matter if it is a 2D mobile game or a 3D one, if it is an arcade game or an adventure one, our team at App499 can develop the game for your choice of the mobile platform. We don’t just develop games but we also design the game as it should complement the raw idea of our client. We stick to our ethics as we stick to the customer’s vision. We design, draft and develop the mobile game with utmost efforts. We do not stop until we prove justice to your idea; we not stop till we get the game of your vision. The range of our services is versatile and we would like to discuss it as follows:

Our Mobile Game Development Services :

Amongst the vague range of our mobile game development services, we offer four main categories of the services. We categorize our game development into the following three categories:

Mobile Platform Game Development:

The first obvious category of our mobile game development is mobile platform games. We develop a variety of games for the variable mobile platform, no matter if it is Android or iOS or blackberry, we develop the games of your vision. We offer versatile game development under this service as we are indulged into adventure games, arcade games, racing games, 3D games, AR/VR centered games, etc. Our game developers have gained the experience of multiple years therefore, they put value to the customer’s ideas while developing the games and technology is utilized to the best of its quality. The technologies we use are absolute for the current generation. Since Adobe Flash has fallen out of the web content design and development trend, we have invested our technical efforts into HTML5 and JavaScript-based development.

Our team comprehensively analyzes the idea that has come from the customer. Over the analysis of the idea, we give feedback to the client by testing it for practicality in the design and development process. If in case the client allows, we add on our team’s expert advice to the idea in order to groom is for betterment. Once the idea has been concretized, we take forward the draft design of the game. The draft design is then shown and explained to the client, and if the design is liked by our client then only we go for the final development of the game. This allows us to ensure that the idea has been portrayed effectively and compliments the vision of our clients. Our game development and design labs are well-equipped with the latest game development tools like Game Maker-Studio, Unity, GameSalad, Flutter, Flowlab, Stencyl, etc. Over the years of our existence as a mobile game development company, App499 has invested in upgrading the technology and enhancing the efforts to give ultimately satisfactory results to our customers in the face of robust mobile game development.

Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development:

The second category of our services is Cross-Platform game development. If you have already developed a mobile game on say iOS platform and now you want to launch it on android then you need not develop it all over again. Or maybe you want to develop the game initially only for all the mobile platforms, then also you need not repeat the development process again and again for all the platforms. All you need to do is cross-platform game app development. Well, cross-platform development is often an effort taking task; therefore, we do it for you with the utmost expertise and professionalism. We offer cross-platform game development services at a really affordable cost and within a limited time.

We develop native and hybrid games of any genre you would like your game to be in. The tools we utilize for the development of cross-platform games are UNITY Editor, Blender, etc. The challenge often faced in cross-platform game development is the compatibility of the same game over multiple platforms. Yet our team is experienced with the platform merging technologies that give effective development over multiple platforms. Irrespective of the genre, complexity or time required for development, our team of mobile game developers build creative, effective and enthusiastic games that run the same on all the platforms.

Browser-based Game Development:

The browser-based game lost the grip on the web market in the years 2015 and 2016 but since the arrival of Facebook Games, browser-based games are back to the trend. The 3D layout games, VR device games and many more types of mobile games, the browser-based games lost trend but as now they are back in the market, we involve our efforts in the browser-based games as well. These kinds of games are now quite popular in the web market because they offer simple yet fun pass time during browsing, internet buffering and lengthy software installations. These games are also the source of digital marketing, as many brands are creating poll games, contest games and quiz games for the purpose of product marketing on the web. Since browser-based games are back in the market, we are creating creative, fun and engaging games that can be played via a browser on any device such as mobiles, tablets or PC. We create these games with the motive that enthusiasm can be created within a short span of time. The best thing is we make these games ubiquitous, the customers can check their game status anytime, anywhere are also they can play it the way they want, without any third-party interruption.

The technological framework we use for the development of browser-based games is HTML5; therefore our process is quite fast and cost-effective as well. We design these games for instant attraction and quick game rounds. This makes these games more enthusiastic and the players remain engaged to the game due to upgrading game status.

Mobile Game Design:

The game development is not just about the development of a functioning game but it is also about appearance, flow, and narration of the game. Therefore we offer mobile game design services. In this service, our team of game designers designs the game appearance layout, narrative flow, and characters, etc. The design technologies or tools that are used by our designers are Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, etc. Our designers begin with the narration plot of the game. The game can be adventure or educational yet the narration process of the game remains the priority. Once the flow of the game is fixed, they move to the character and layout design of the game. Our designers put effort to create the characters that are active and the players relate to them due to the realistic appearance of these game characters. Our team of designers creates draft designs first so that the customer can approve of our designs and once the client has approved then only we do go ahead for developing the final design of the game.

Game Genres We Work On For Mobile App Development Services:

1) 2D Games

2) 3D Games

3) Action and adventure games

4) Arcade and puzzle games

5) Board games

6) Educational/E-learning games

7) Simulator games

8) AR/VR games

9) Sports and Racing games

10) Trivia Games

Why Should You Avail Our Mobile Game Development Service?

We understand that in the crowd of game development companies, it must be hard for you to decide which company you shall go for. We understand the confusion but we still assure you that we are worth hiring for your game development projects. We prove excellence with the number of specialties we possess in our work process. The list of our specialties that make us one of the most trust-worthy mobile game development companies is as follows:

24x7 Customer Assistance- We really are centered on our customer’s comfort and satisfaction; therefore, we offer 24x7 customer assistance. We are inclined towards the fulfillment of any need that our customer states regarding the project. We respect customer’s ideas and we share the same motive of creating the game of our client’s vision. Therefore, we take ideas from the client and surround our work around the same to create the app that glove fits into the client’s requirements.

Unbeatable End-to-End Project Execution: From just a raw idea to a fully developed and functioning mobile game, we offer end-to-end execution. From the conceptualization to execution, we take care of all the game development requirements. We offer game design, development, layout formation, launch, and optimization, etc, services under the same roof only.

Cost and Time-Efficient Services: The services we offer at App499 and quite time-efficient. We plan the entire project on the time slots and the clients get the updates right under the given time span. We give the services under cost-effective packages as well. Our packages range from standard to service additional cost packages, to make the payment process convenient for our clients.

Cross Platform Game Development

App499 has developed many native and cross platform games for a diverse group of clients. Although there are different cross platform game development tools App499 recommends and support Unity. It is easy to use and very useful for quicker game development process.

The integrated Unity Editor shows all assets and previews the look of the game eliminating the need of repeated compiling. It also accepts meshes, textures, anims, and bones from a number of different 3D modeling programs, including Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, and Lightwave. App499 has mastered the art of Unity game development.

Browser Based Games

Browser based games can be virtually played on any device from laptop to smartphone. Using HTML5 we have developed many games for iOS and Android users. Our HTML5 developers design engaging mobile games that can attract a wide range of customers. Since HTML5 development is also faster and more robust. It is preferred by most of our clients.

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