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Even if Android is the mobile platform that has been so popular in most of the global regions like Asia, Africa, etc, but it cannot be denied that the craze of iPhone is still not replaced in the regions like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. Certainly, iOS is the second most popular mobile platform around the globe. The records tell that the popularity of iOS devices is over 45% of the overall global Smartphone users. Considering only the US market, there are over 266 million iPhone users there. Therefore, iPhone Application Development is certainly a huge market in the United States. Even if android has grabbed the grip over the market due to its less cost and cutting edge features but iOS still aces the market because of the security, simplicity and profound features that are only legitimately accessible to iPhone users. Considering this, if you are targeting the USA or Australian or British market, then iPhone app development can be a really lucrative business.

iPhone Application Development

At App499, we stand as an iPhone app development company situated in Texas. We are proud to pronounce that we are the experts at iPhone application development and the skills of our team are of excellent industry standards. We focus on developing the customized iOS apps that is why we are chosen by a large number of customers. Our reputation leads the visitors to our services and our professionalism successfully turns them into potential customers. Being a global iPhone app development company, we handle multi-purpose development that too along with the multi-thread development process. We have a team of creative designers, proficient developers, well-educated and well-trained software engineers, and business analysts as well. Our process of iPhone application development involves the flow of an algorithm that we follow to customize the apps for our clients under a technical prowess. We follow the iPhone app development process from scratch, which involves feature-rich ideation, conceptualization, creative design creation, and technical development. The entire process of app development is followed with utmost sincerity and professionalism.

Since the number of iPhone app developers is only growing in the market, we ensure that our work stands out in the industry. Therefore, our team of designers and developers focuses on translating the customer’s business vision into their app. We focus on the motive that our client holds in their business and the app developed by us will be certainly built on the same foundation. No matter if your app is to be developed from scratch or it has to be just integrated with the latest feature, we at App499 leverage the contribution to iPhone app development. Our team excels their technical knowledge into implementing the creative, innovative and business-oriented features into the app. Being an iOS-based application,award-winning iPhone app development company,we also focus on the development standards of iOS application development, this is what makes us the quality- focused app developers in the United States.

Now that we have introduced ourselves quite well, it is time that we present our services to you. Let us narrate what we have got to offer you under iPhone application development services.

Our Services –

The list of our services under the umbrella of iPhone application development is detailed as follows.

  1. iPhone application design (UX/UI):

  2. Appearance is the first thing that attracts the audience. The first impression is the last impression may deem fit here in this case. We ensure that the first impression of your app is the one thing that motivates the audiences to become potential customers. As mentioned earlier, we are proud to have a team of excellently creative app designers who indulge their creative and technical excellence in designing the appearance of the iPhone app. Our UX/UI designers make the iPhone app design appealing as well as interactive. For the layout design purposes, our designers use the latest app design tools like Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Panic Coda, Photoshop, etc. The simplicity of our iPhone app interface design makes it even more user-friendly yet attractive; therefore, we can proudly claim that we are one of the most efficient and creative app designers in Texas.

  3. Native and Hybrid iPhone application development:

  4. We understand that cross-platform app development might be a great option when you are in the correct situation both economically and technically. But every time, the case isn’t the same. You may not be willing to pay a fortune cost on the cross-platform development or maybe you already have an app that needs to be developed in another hybrid platform. We use techniques like Swift development in the iPhone application development process. We are experts at developing a hybrid app without even requiring the process of complete development again.

  5. iPhone application customization:

  6. We have designed our iPhone application development process in a manner as we are very well capable of translating a customer’s vision into an application. We are a customer-centric organization; we respect the vision of our customers. We basically take the idea from our client and we indulge our technological expertise into developing a suitable iPhone app on the foundation of the same idea. We customize the app depending on our customer’s demand. We hold the same vision as of our client’s and that is what leads us to the successful customization of the app. We integrate the existing app with additional plug-in arrangements if the client demands any extra features. Our motive is to give the client what he wants and we firmly stick to our motive.

  7. iPhone application testing and code audit:

  8. We do not just develop an iPhone app but we also ensure the quality of the same. We test the app for ultimately smooth functionality. We have a team of testers that tests the developed app for any kind of bug. We ensure that the app works smoothly without dropping the functionality. If there are any drawbacks found in the testing process, our developers take the liberty to resolve all the issues by performing the code audit. The code audit helps in securing the app functionality both from the front end and the back end. These services truly statement the quality of the product we are offering to our customers.

  9. iPhone application optimization:

  10. Only turning the app live on the iOS platform is not enough. An interactive design and strong technical development simply do not suffice to make a business out of it. When it comes to iOS apps, it needs to be optimized. We perform the app store optimization (ASO) to gain audience trafficking towards the app. Monitoring and optimization help in ensuring the performance quality of the launched app. That is why our ASO team puts efforts into the optimization of the app. This reflects that we do not just develop and leave the app on your efforts but we do provide end to end service. We take it just as a raw idea and we are with you until your app ranks successfully on the app store.

  11. iPhone application support and maintenance:

  12. Once the app is live and running on the app store, we cannot leave it just there without keeping a track of its performance. Often the app that has been launched prior few days or months happens to malfunction due to lack of maintenance. We do not intend to put your app in such a situation, therefore, we offer support and maintenance services ever since we launch it. We offer 24 x 7 customer support assistance and maintenance if required at any time. Our support and maintenance services come complimentary to the app development services, this means, we do not charge for the support and maintenance services. In these services, we ensure that the developed apps are safeguarded from any third party intrusions, hackers and malware. This way, we ensure the security of our client’s reputation and sensitive information as well.

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  1. iPhone (iOS) SDK
  2. Programming tools: Xcode IDE, Interface Builder
  3. OpenGL ES, Open AL and Core Graphics
  4. Core Audio
  5. Accelerometer, GPS
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