Facebook Application Development

Facebook Application Development

Facebook is a strong business marketing medium these days, perhaps the strongest one for digital marketing media. With the growing popularity of social media marketing, Facebook has gained the reputation of marketing platforms due to its Facebook ads or Facebook promotion services.

Therefore, to simplify Facebook marketing, Facebook Application Development is a trend these days. In order to perform all Facebook marketing tasks in one place, Facebook apps are developed. Facebook application development is in real demand because it provides a convenient networking platform that helps in connecting with billions of users around the globe.

App499 is a customized Facebook app Development Company,Almost all the potential audiences are active on Facebook or any other social media platforms but Facebook makes the most of this count. As we mentioned, all the audiences are on Facebook, this only makes Facebook the best platform to target audiences from all over the world. This is convenient to be done by a Facebook application as it provides ease of posting, promotional campaigns, etc to enhance the online presence of your business.

Simply the Best for Facebook Application Development

Facebook has become a lucrative platform for businesses to advertise and promote their products and/or services. It is an exceptional platform for developers who wish to create Facebook applications. Facebook apps are now an integral part of social media marketing and to meet the ever-changing marketing demands, Facebook app development is a trend these days. The growing demand for Facebook app development is well justified as it provides a convenient networking platform that helps brands in connecting with billions of users across the globe. A well-developed Facebook application helps businesses in attracting more prospective clients. Thus, it increases the revenue prospects for business by allowing your business to reach a large number of people. App499 is an established and versatile app development company situated in Texas. We provide a wide range of app development services ranging from Android, iPhone, Windows, Mobile game development, Facebook app development, and much more. Our team of app developers is an expert in developing highly functional Facebook apps through which you can do easy postings, advertise your products, manage promotional campaigns, etc. to make the online presence of your brand stronger to achieve great marketing success.

What makes a Good Facebook Application?

For many brands and businesses whose primary social media marketing strategy has been revolving around Facebook have struck gold with well-designed Facebook apps. Good Facebook pages may get you millions of likes and shares, but great Facebook apps can help you attract more engaged users, increase organic traffic to your website and spikes in revenue. But there’s a vast difference between designing Facebook apps and designing a mobile app or a website. There are several factors in play here and keeping these in mind our developers create a Facebook application that can help you go a long way.

  1. Keep user information secured:
  2. Respecting the user’s privacy is the most important point to keep in mind as people are getting increasingly paranoid with the information, they are giving to third-party developers due to many cases of information being misused. In any case, user information should not be misused and prominent steps must be taken to ensure that the user’s data is safe and secure.
  3. Maintain Transparency:
  4. Sometimes it is important to gather sensitive information from the user’s profile to enter them into a contest or make a customized recommendation to them. In such scenarios, it is always better to keep the user informed of this to create a much greater level of trust.
  5. Usability:
  6. Know your targeted audience and know how they will interact with the Facebook application. It’s important to keep things simple yet innovative and user-friendly as well.
  7. Monitor:
  8. There are various analytical tools like Insights, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc. that provide you valuable information regarding the performance of the application. This information can be then used by the developers to improve the existing application.
  9. Listen to Feedback:
  10. Many app users often share their experience through constructive criticism and provide suggestions to make enhance the usability of the application. We listen to all the feedbacks and act accordingly to provide you better services.

Perks Of Going For Facebook App Development:

When it comes to making a decision of whether to build a Facebook app or just go along with the traditional way of Facebook posting and promoting, it is better to know all about the Facebook application development. Therefore, let us have a glance at the benefits of Facebook application development, one by one.

1. If you are a professional service or product promoter then you must be already indulging your efforts in the Facebook contest, voting campaigns, etc, for the promotions. But traditional Facebook promotion method only allows you to keep track of likes on your post and will help you create limited engagement. But if you develop a Facebook app for promotional services then you will be able to set target audiences, reach the maximum amount of audiences.

2. The Facebook app also allows you to manage your Facebook ads in an organized manner. You can pre-decide the ad posting time and segment the audiences with Facebook visibility filters.

3. The Facebook app gives you the privilege of connecting and engaging with an ample amount of audiences within the slightest amount of time. It also gives multi admin connectivity to Facebook lives and interactive sessions.

4. Business endorsements, collaborations, and pronounced audience engagements are as easy as just a few clicks by using the Facebook app.

5. Facebook profile and page customization can be done with a Facebook app for restructuring brand image.

6. Update broadcast is easier and quicker with the Facebook app.

7. Customer feedbacks, reviews, complaints and service requests, etc, can be assisted effectively and efficiently with a Facebook app which gives reinforced customer loyalty.

8. Ultimately, brand identity can be established and strengthened by using the Facebook app.

What Services Do We Offer In Facebook App Development?

Our Facebook app development services involve following sub-services.

1. Facebook App Design:

If you are looking for a re-design or new design of your Facebook app then you need not search anywhere else. Our team of creative designers can create an interactive and eye-catchy design for your Facebook app. Our designs have the potential to reflect your business agenda in the designs. Therefore, if you are looking for a Facebook app design, you can customize the package from the following options.

Facebook App Development Facebook app interface design or redesign

Facebook App Development Facebook content management

Facebook App Development Facebook functions and filter pin-up on-page

Facebook App Development Facebook widget addition to the Facebook app

2. Facebook App Development:

Our team of developers can develop customized Facebook apps according to your conceptualization and business requirements. Our Facebook app development services involve the following factors.

Facebook App Development Poll, contest, and survey Facebook additions

Facebook App Development Facebook game app development

Facebook App Development Facebook promotional feature development

Facebook App Development Facebook app and multi-page tie-up

Facebook App Development E-commerce Facebook app development

Facebook App Development Event management Facebook app development

3. Facebook Promotion And Contest App Developments:

If you are looking for enhancing the promotional objectives of your business with the customized Facebook app then you are at just the right place. Our team of developers can customize a promotional Facebook app for the targeted growth of your business. Our sub-services for Facebook promotion app development are as follows:

Facebook App Development The in-built contest features development in the Facebook app

Facebook App Development Poll and voting mechanism installation in the Facebook app

Facebook App Development Content management feature installation

Facebook App Development Ecommerce installations to sales Facebook apps

4.Messenger Bots Development:

If you are looking for an automatic reply or messenger bot services in your Facebook application then we can create manual and automatic communication platforms. Our services involve:

Facebook App Development Chatbot installation in Facebook apps

Facebook App Development Messenger link-up with customer panel

Facebook App Development Automatic reply bot for customer assistance

Facebook App Development Manual Chatbot for customer assistance and customer relationship management (CRM)

5.Facebook API Connect:

API connection with the Facebook app makes it convenient to update, broadcast, and manage the post content on the Facebook app. Therefore, if you are looking for the same, our services are as follows:

Facebook App Development Facebook app connection to HTTP-API server for content share and management

Facebook App Development Facebook app connection to e-commerce web store API server for business promotions and Facebook on page purchase

Why Shall You Choose Us For Facebook App Development?

You shall choose to go for our Facebook app development services because our work ethics take your project into consideration right from scratch. We perform project estimation, customer requirement assessment, engineering implementations, prototyping, bug fixing, and Facebook app marketing, etc. We perform all these tasks for your business at quite an affordable cost and our expertise with 24x7 customer’s assistance makes us worth hiring.

How we do it

Facebook App Development Project estimate
Facebook App Development Assessment of user needs
Facebook App Development Requirements engineering
Facebook App Development Prototyping
Facebook App Development Bug fixing
Facebook App Development Mobile marketing

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