Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is an intelligent technology that uses Bluetooth to broadcast or receive some data within short distances. It was introduced in 2013 by Apple and hence it is also called iBeacon sometimes. Beacon Technology has gained a huge importance due to its advantages. It connects the companies with their customers and is helpful in advertising on a personal level.

We have developed a Beacon App for Android platform. It is an excellent App which is meant to attract and advertise to the customers. In this world of business competition, Beacon App helps you make a difference and connect with the customers faster than your competitors. You can send personalized text messages to your customers on their smartphones.

Beacon is a Bluetooth Radio Transmitter that works on Bluetooth Low Energy. It transmits or broadcasts a signal to other Bluetooth devices in a limited distance zone and connects to that device when Bluetooth is on. When a person comes in that zone, a text message is sent to them on their smartphone. The best example for this can be a customer entering a mall, who gets a welcome message or best offers message after entering the Beacon zone.

What are the Advantages of Beacon for Your Business?

Effective advertising of your services, products, hot offers to new customers.
Customer data collection for analysis of the customer flow, example: data like the total number of visits of a customer, unique customers, repeat customers, time spent by a customer, new customers, etc.
You can connect to the customers easily through welcome messages, special offer or coupon messages, alert messages, etc. and make the customers feel valued.
Beacon helps you get real-time data through which you can increase your business and even retarget your old audience.
Through Beacon, you can map the journey of the customers and analyze the shortfalls, work on them and develop the customer relationship
Smart advertising, campaigning, personalized marketing can be done.
Increases the traffic and sales, and thus, revenue.

Beacon technology connects very fast to the customers through Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones. It is getting very famous due to its potential and effectiveness of collecting vital customer information. Many companies, malls, etc. are using the Beacon App.

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