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Android App Development Services by App499 - Android App Development Company

App development has become the forte of the business world. No matter what kind of business it is, a pizza parlor or an IT firm, from small enterprises to well-established business giants, app development is a part of their business strategies. Irrespective of the mobile platforms, android or iphone application development is a big thing in business these days. But there is region oriented difference in the spectrum of app development. If it is in the United States or the United Kingdom then iOS app development is on peak but in the case of other regions of the globe, android is the ruling king.

In regions like Asia, Africa and Australia, android has created a massive market and therefore, android app development is a trend out there. Android has gotten popularity as huge as iOS has, it has raised to 80% global stakes therefore; android app development makes a statement. When it comes to the development of an android app, it not everyone’s cup of tea, it needs professionals and experts working on it and therefore, we indulge our efforts into android app development.

Who We Are:

We as App499 are an android app development company that has a reputation of being experts in android app development services. We bring your ideas into life; we turn your ideas into Android apps. We are proud to say that we hold the potential to develop android apps of your vision. We are one of the well-recognized android app developers in that States. App499 is a Leading Android app development services providing company. Our team of android app developers is involved in Space-O technology that leads the whole spectrum of android app development. Our team works on technologies or frameworks like JAVA, SDK, C, C++, 2D and 3D API, gaming engine support, etc.

We have a proven record of working multiple clients from various domains. Our portfolio showcases our android app development work experience in the fields of real estate, hospitality,gaming and entertainment, service industry and e-commerce as well. Our team is quite well-versed with the latest technologies in app development and also makes efforts to keep themselves updated with the latest app development trends. Our app development is something that is chosen by plenty of customers because of our timely, trendy and professional work. We offer a vague range of services under android app development.

Our Android App Development Services:

  1. Custom Android App Development: Customization of android apps is our specialty. We at App499 focus on the specific requirements of our customers. We offer custom android app development services. We make sure all their demands are implemented in the android app developed by us. No matter if we develop an e-commerce application or a game application , we customize it according to the customer’s needs. Our creative android app designers design the customized layout first for the customer, and only once we get the customer’s approval, we proceed on developing a fully-fledged android application.

  2. Android UX/UI Designing: Our creative designers go hand in hand with the latest UX/UI design technologies to develop high-end android app designs. Our designers make sure that the UX/UI designs they create have a user-friendly interface with the glove fit specifications to match with customer’s requirements.

  3. Android Web Integrated Apps: Most of the android apps demand website integration or we can say website link up. Therefore, our team of app developers creates web integrated android apps so that the user has the provision of migrating to the website from the app itself. It helps our users to access day-to-day business efficiency as we implement business tracking tools into web-based android apps.

  4. Portable Android App: If in case you already have a developed android app and now you want to cut down the efforts to develop the same app again but on iOS application developement , then our team helps you with that. We create portable apps or provide service to port the apps from one platform to another, so that you need not put the effort into redoing the same thing again and again.

  5. Android App Quality Analysis: Just the development of an android app does not suffice in the market. It is important to assure its quality according to the latest market standards. Therefore, we perform thorough testing for the performance analysis of android apps. We analyze the applications for high-performance, features functionality and efficiency so that you get access to top-notch android apps.

  6. Android App Consultation: Our years of experience in the business of android app development have put us in the capability to consult our customers. We provide the best Android app development services. Many times the customers that reach us have no or very little idea about the android app development process and its credentials. Therefore, we offer consultation services where we discuss process, requisites, cost and future benefits of android app development.

How We Provide Android App Development Services?

We at App499 don’t only focus on the final outcome of our app development but we are believers of the quality process that can only give fine products. Therefore, in order to gain a finely developed android app, we follow the following process.

  1. Project Estimate: We start the process with a proper estimation of the project. We gather detailed customer requirements and then only create an estimated project plan. It involves cost estimation as well as team creation for the whole project to be completed.

  2. Requirement Assessment: We perform requirement assessment as customer’s demands are important to be realistic. If there are any requirements that are complex to implement then they are demanded to be communicated with customers to find a solution.

  3. Requirement Engineering: We perform engineering activities to develop the app and implement all the customer requirements into a prototype.

  4. Prototype: Once the estimate and processes are decided we create a prototype or an app design layout so that customers can approve of it. Once it is approved we go for the final development of the app.

  5. Android App Development: Once the prototype is approved by our client we develop a fully-fledged android app that is executed on an android platform and providing best Android app development services.

  6. Testing and bug fixing: We test the developed app under different functionality and performance credentials. If any bugs or drawbacks found in the app then we fix it till we get a fine product.

  7. Marketing and Optimization: We don’t just create apps but we also bring them to market. The industry requires the promotion of applications to get a huge audience; therefore we optimize the performance of the app on the web. We perform app store optimization and if any maintenance required we provide it.

Why Should You Choose Our Android App Development Services?

We as App499 assure you that our services are professional as well as provided by the industry experts. Over the top of excellent android app development services, we pay attention to customer assistance. We offer 24x7 consultation and customer assistance so that you get answers to any of your queries in no time. Our services are proven to be satisfactory, as our portfolio showcases customer satisfaction we have achieved over the years of existence as an android app development company.

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