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App499 is a team of intelligent app developers, working as an established, versatile App development company. We are situated in Texas and recognized as one of the most efficient app developers around the United States. We might be situated in Texas but our business has grown to the regions of Austin, Houston, San Marcos, etc and our services are expanded globally. We are particularly popular in the United States for app development is because of our versatile and customized services.

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Advanced mobile app design and robust development are our specialties and we are proud to pronounce that we are appreciated by our customers, our accomplishment certainly reflects in our portfolio.

Certainly, the business of app development is at the epitome of its success. Therefore, our work has immense competition in the market. That is why we make sure that our services are professional and excellent enough to stand out in the crowd of competitors. To achieve this target, we customize our services. These involve customization of the apps and also mix and match the collaboration of the app development services as well. We focus on the versatility in our working process; therefore, we design our framework depending on the customer demands. After all customer satisfaction is the prior motive of our service offerings.

Our team of app developers is the reason behind the excellence and professionalism in our services. Our designers and developers are well-versed with the latest technologies and market trends as well. This quality of our designers and developers makes our work updated. The work we offer is certainly up to date with the trends and the best thing is that we offer customized services that basically the customer demands. Being a leading app development company in the United States, we focus on creating industrial grade, high-quality, top-notch apps regardless of the platform. We focus on the quality of the development, and the platform as well. We have a history of successful development of multi-platform based app development.

Over the years of our existence as the app development company, we have been working with hundreds of clients over the app development projects of android, iOS, blackberry, and windows. Since App499 has been well-introduced by now, we would like to discuss the services we offer, in detail as follows.


  1. Android App Development:
  2. Android is the first priority market when it comes to mobile platforms. With over 3.5 billion android users over the globe, Android ranks as the bestseller OS by now. It is estimated by the IT market estimators that android aces the market by 80% of user coverage. The Google Play Store reports say that there are 2.9 million android apps currently active on the play store, at the beginning of the year 2020. Therefore, there is no doubt that we are indulged in this huge market as we are app developers. Our team of android app developers offers android development with the latest technologies such as Android SDK, MySQL, JAVA, XML, SQLite, MSSQL, etc. We focus on developing responsive and global adaptive applications, which is why we also implement technologies like JSON, REST, SOAP, WCF, and third-party integrations, etc. We do not just develop android apps but we also make sure it has strong security; we integrate it with bots intelligence, augmented reality (AR), cognitive response services and the Internet of Things.

  3. iPhone App Development:
  4. Well, the iPhone being the iPhone, it has its own base of popularity. With over 728 million iPhone users, iPhone ranks as the second most popular OS globally. There are over 1.5 million iOS apps that are making over $3.3 billion of revenue on the Apple Store. This certainly showcases the worth of iOS apps even when it is not the first ranking platform. This shows that no matter what, iOS app development is still a massively lucrative business. We have a team of iPhone app developers who offer scalable and adaptive iPhone app development services. Our team works on the latest industrial codes and technical terminologies. In order to keep our app development updated, we perform consecutive research on the market trends and we support the apps with strong App Store Optimization techniques, that is what makes our iPhone app development process stand out.

  5. PhoneGap App Development:
  6. Cross-platform app development is certainly not a cost-friendly act; neither is developing multiple platforms apps. It takes time, effort, and cost that cause’s a really hectic experience to the clients. Even then, cross-platform development is considered to be a proficient option. Our team of developers uses the PhoneGap Development techniques for cross-platform app development. Since PhoneGap development is witnessed to be very effective for cross-platform development therefore, it has been being used for the same for decades. We offer affordable PhoneGap cross-platform app development and we develop it for the merger of any collaborative platform. It helps in avoiding the redevelopment of the same app over and over, again and again for the different platforms. We develop it collaborated as it supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows platforms.

  7. Facebook App Development:
  8. Since social media is the platform that has been highly involved in the marketing business, the craze and necessity of Facebook apps are quite high these days. There are plenty of social media-based apps being developed for promotional or industrial purposes but there is nothing like Facebook apps. Since Facebook is the most popular and core social media platform, Facebook apps are essential when you are involved in digital marketing, one must go for Facebook app development. Considering the importance of Facebook app development, we offer Facebook app development services. Our developers are well-acknowledged with the latest market trends and social media marketing tactics, therefore we develop the apps that are of the latest market standards. By using the Facebook apps developed by us, you can get access to excellent content management services, audience targeting, and client assistance. There are multiple purposes for which Facebook apps are developed. The poll app, survey apps, Facebook gaming apps, Facebook business and e-commerce apps, Facebook business apps, etc. We work on all these types of Facebook apps development along with the merger of the services.

  9. Mobile Game Development:
  10. Mobile phones are not just a source of utility but it has become a major source of entertainment as well. What else can be a better source of fun that games? Therefore, mobile game development has reached over the USA $100 billion. It certainly is a lucrative business. Therefore, we are indulged in game development. Our developers are creative and technologically well-versed; therefore we ensure that our services are up to date. Our creative designers create attractive yet practical game design layouts, irrespective of the type of the game, we develop it effectively. We make sure that the game developed by us is interactive, engaging and fun. We develop adventure, racing, browser games, cross-platform games, etc. Under the game development spectrum, the technology we work with is Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave and Blender for the design purposes and for development we use HTML5, Swift Coding, etc.

  11. Windows App Development:
  12. As Windows has launched the Windows mobile phones, since then, windows app development is a business-oriented development genre. Our team of app developers works on responsive windows app development process, this means that the windows apps that we do develop are mobile phone responsive as well as they work well on the web. We involve our app styling layouts by using CSS3 and JQuery. We enhance the windows app performance by implementing 2D and 3D effects, and we also add plug-ins to the windows apps.

  13. Mobile App Customization:
  14. The specialty of our app development process is that we customize the apps according to customer requirements. We are a client-centric organization that respects the requirements and choices of the clients. We gather the client requirements prior to starting working on the first draft layout of the app. Once the client approves the first draft that means it deems fit into all the requirements and then only we go for a finalized app development process. This helps us achieve ultimate client satisfaction, which leads us closer to success.

  15. App Testing:
  16. Along with the development, we focus on the quality of the app. Therefore we perform a thorough performance analysis testing of the app. Every feature of the application is tested by our testers for functionality purposes. If the app is functioning well-executed then only it is handed over to the clients.

  17. App Store Optimization and Monitoring:
  18. Once the app is launched on the app store or the play store, the process doesn’t end right there. In fact, it is a never-ending process. We offer consistent monitoring of the launched app. We perform app store optimization (ASO) tactics for the progress of the app. Since the app requires audiences to be downloaded and achieve success, we perform excellently and the latest ASO tactics to rank the app on the app store.



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